Thursday, November 5, 2009

Christmas Photo Cards

Card style name is printed BELOW the card, even if blog spacing is misleading!

Please note: text style, size and wording can almost always be changed. (A few exceptions.) Number and size of photos cannot.  PLEASE NOTE THE PICTURE LAYOUT: VERTICLE, HORIZONTAL OR SQUARE.  Your picture must fit into the layout as shown.

Email me at for questions or orders.
 Circle snowflakes-horizontal

Circle snowflakes--vertical


Merry Four Pics

love & cheer

merry happy love
Rainbow Snowflakes

joy love peace

Circle date--ice blue

circle date--green

Circle date--red

Pink Tree

Big poinsettia

6 box style A

6 box style B

Simple 3up--green

Simple 3up--red

love, joy, peace

Poinsettia and Pear Tree

Christmas Greetings

Comfort & Joy

Deck the Halls

Merrymerry Easypeasy (Can be rotated for vertical pic)

Funky MC--red & green

Funky MC--red, blue & green


Postage stamps

Fa la la

Merry & Bright

Monogram red & green

Monogram red & white

Multicolor snowflake

Noel style A

Noel style B

Orange Polka horizontal

Orange polka vertical

Partridge in a Pear Tree 2up


Postage Stamp1

Circle Photo Red

Small ornaments 2up

Small ornaments 3up

Season's Greetings

Basic brown & red

Small ornaments 1up

Swirlies 3up

White berries 3up

We wish you

White berries 1up

Word tree


  1. Love your cards! I felt like I just walked down memory lane looking at all of them!

  2. I love the one of Trent and Carson looking so dapper in their ties.